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Birthday cakes

You can either send me your own design, choose a cake from my portfolio, or if you simply have a theme in mind or just don't know what you want, we can have a chat and I'll suggest some designs to ensure you get your perfect cake.

If you're looking for something different or as an addition to the main birthday cake, birthday cupcakes are a great choice.

Both birthday cakes and cupcakes can be finished in either buttercream or fondant and you can choose from an extensive list of sponge flavours.

Decorative choices include chocolate or coloured drips, fondant or real flowers, fondant models, airbrushing, edible images and balloons.

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Some inspiration...

To give you some ideas, here are some of the sorts of birthday cakes you can order. Feel free to come up with your own though!

Buttercream cakes

Buttercream cakes are finished completely in buttercream in either one or more colours to produce the desired effect. The finish can be smooth or textured.

Shades of Chocolate
Fault Line Flowers - Pink & Gold
Pink Ombré with Daisies

Fondant cakes

Cakes are covered in a smooth layer of sugarpaste and can be decorated with flowers, objects or figures modelled from fondant icing.

Flower Elegance
Wonder Woman
Come Fly With Me

Themed cakes

Themed cakes allow the design to be tailored to the recipient in terms of their likes, hobbies and personality for example.

Ready Set Go-Kart
Harry Potter - Slytherin Edition
Birthday Books
90 Not Out

Birthday cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes are easy to share and customise with a decoration of your choice and available in both standard and deluxe flavours. If some of your party have dietary requirements, cupcakes are a good way to cater for them separately. Cupcakes can also make a special birthday gift and can be presented in a gift box finished with ribbon and a bow and candle.

Birthday Beach Mix
Rose Mix
Deluxe Mix

Carved cakes

Cut to the desired shape, hand carved cakes bring to life the cake design.

Parker Penguin
Reading Football Shirt

Edible images

Edible images can be placed on either a buttercream or fondant finished cake. They offer greater design flexibility and are cheaper than fondant models. An edible image of a favourite photograph will also add that personal touch.

Superhero Ombré
Pink & Bluey
Football Print - Arsenal


Airbrushing adds an exciting dimension to a fondant cake, introducing additional colour either as an abstract or block design. Blending the colours can also add depth.

Psychedelic Symphony

Pinata cakes

These cakes have a hidden surprise and have a special appeal to children. They can be filled with sweets or chocolate.

Easter Surprise

Money cakes

Money, attached to a cake topper, is inserted into clear film wallets encased in a plastic box that is hidden inside the cake. Just pull out the topper and the money roll is revealed! Great for a 21st or other milestone birthday.

Golden Drip Cake with Age


Topping the cake with a balloon gives an extra touch.

Celebration - pink gin

Selection of cakes

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